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The Velocity 2008 Conference Experience – Part I

I’m starting out the first year of Velocity, the new O’Reilly-sponsored Web Performance and Operations Conference, watching robots dance to Beck on a video screen. The conference’s tagline is “fast, scalable, resilient, available,” which is just about identical to our Web Systems’ team’s charter.  (And our reputation with the ladies!)

For a long time, we’ve had to bottom-feed off of developer conferences, general interest conferences, etc. to address Web site operational issues; it’s great to see a conference specifically targeted at this growing area. The conference staff noted that the demand was way above what was expected, and were scurrying about to ensure they had enough materials. By rough headcount in the first keynote I’d estimate 400 attendees, with more arriving over time as West Coast standard wakeup time (10 AM, for the record) comes along.

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