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Awesome Upcoming Austin Techie Events

We’re entering cool event season…  I thought I’d mention a bunch of the upcoming major events you may want to know about!

In terms of repeating meetings you should be going to,

  • CloudAustin – Evening meeting every 3rd Tuesday at Rackspace for cloud and related stuff aficionados! Large group, usually presentations with some discussion.
  • Agile Austin DevOps SIG – Lunchtime discussion, Lean Coffee style, at BancVue about DevOps. Sometimes fourth Wednesdays, sometimes not. There are a lot of other Agile Austin SIGs and meetings as well.
  • Austin DevOps – Evening meetup all about DevOps.  Day and location vary.
  • Docker Austin – First Thursday evenings at Rackspace, all about docker.
  • Product Austin – Usually early in the month at Capital Factory. Product management!


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Busy Times at the Agile Admin

It’s been a while since there’s been a post here.  All the Agile Admins are insanely busy.

  • James is working at Signal Sciences, trying to revolutionize app security with a DevOps approach, along with Zane Lackey and Nick Galbreath.
  • Karthik is developing madly away at StackEngine, a Docker container orchestration startup, with Eric Anderson.
  • Peco is product managing at Riverbed, working to bring their APM solutions to crush-the-market levels.
  • Ernest (I) am working as a PM as well at Idera – when I started it was CopperEgg, a SaaS monitoring startup (originally started by Eric of StackEngine), now part of a larger APM machine – Idera does database APM, and bought Precise, up.time, and CopperEgg to form an APM juggernaut of our own. Watch out Peco, we’re coming!

We’re all still in Austin – leaving Austin is for suckers. And though we’ve been away from National Instruments, where we worked together for so many years, we still have lunch weekly  and generally help keep each other up to date on all this tech stuff!

Meanwhile the “recreational activities” are just as busy.  Peco’s had his second baby in two years, so that’s his off hours work.  But in other news,

  • CloudAustin – James, Karthik, and I organize this monthly user group, which is in its fifth year and has a solid 40-60 people per meeting.
  • DevOpsDays Austin – we also organize this, also coming back for its fourth year this May 4-5! It’ll be just as huge this year, two tracks, the Marchesa, bands, Austin food – get those plane tickets now.
  • Container Days Austin– Karthik suckered me into helping him and Boyd Hemphill with this too, a brand new unconference focused on containers March 27-28. “Docker docker docker!” as all the kids say nowadays.
  • And we all do random other things like that on our own. My most exciting current news – I’m one of the group of folks Gene Kim is having pre-read his new DevOps Cookbook to give feedback.  So my life is changed before everyone else’s!

Some folks have been kind enough to ask me questions here on the blog, and some have actually called me up and asked for advice on their own DevOps journey, so I promise to get back to posting here and answering some of those outstanding questions. Thanks for visiting!


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