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AppSec in the Modern Era

I recently wrote an article for Signal Sciences discussing the top 5 application security defense needs in the modern era. It’s very DevOps in nature. You can see the full article in all of its original glory here > Top 5 AppSec Defense needs in the Modern Era


In the article, I covered what I thought was the most critical things needed for a plausible application security program in the modern era.

  1. OWASP Top Ten coverage is a must-have and is expected
  2. Have Defense against Bots and Scrapers
  3. Do Business Logic monitoring
  4. Achieve Operational Insight through Visualizations and Dashboards
  5. Distribute security information where people naturally are, a la ChatOps.

Thoughts, comments?  Hit me up on twitter (@wickett) or in the comments on the original article > Top 5 AppSec Defense needs in the Modern Era

This is a sample of putting visualizations behind your application security defense. These images are provided from Signal Sciences



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