About Us

The agile admins are Ernest Mueller, James Wickett, Karthik Gaekwad, and Peco Karayanev, a group of experienced engineers who met while working at National Instruments in Austin, TX back in 2001-ish and have been tearing it up together ever since!

What is an ‘agile admin?’  It’s someone that does systems administrator/operations engineer work in a modern, agile way!

It is our vision to help turn systems work into a recognized and effective discipline. Some of our hot topics in this regard include DevOps and SRE, lean and agile operations, cloud computing, infrastructure automation, Web security (especially AppSec), transparency, open source, monitoring and observability, performance optimization, and more. Come join us as we explore and, hopefully, improve the wide world of Web operations!

Austin skyline photo credit: https://www.mermaidmedical.dk/event/sir-2019/austin-texas-skyline/