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Links on Bridging Security and DevOps

If you remember, I (@wickett) said I would be doing more blogging for Signal Sciences in the new year. We still are in January, but I am glad to say that so far so good. Here are a couple highlights from recent posts:

That’s all for now.  Happy Friday everyone!

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In the New Year, resolve to bring Security to the DevOps party

Happy New Year!  May this be your year of much successful DevOps.

Last year I wasn’t too vocal about my work over at Signal Sciences. Mostly because I was too busy helping to rapidly build a NextGen Web Application Firewall as a SaaS from the ground up. This year you will be hearing a bit more as I am regularly contributing to the Signal Sciences blog (Signal Sciences Labs) over at Medium (sorry WordPress!).

I will try and occasionally link into some of my posts over there to The Agile Admin, around topics like:

  • The challenges we faced building a modern security product
  • Bridging the gap with Security and DevOps
  • Attack Driven Operations
  • and other Rugged DevOps topics…

Which brings me to the point of this post…

Bring Security to the DevOps party!

I am making a personal goal this year to bring security engineers, auditors, penetration testers and even those forensics folks to the devops party.  I have my sights mostly set on DevOps Days Austin as the event to physically bring people to (watch out Austin Security people!) but I am already crafting blog posts and many cunning tweets to also bring them over as well.  This year can you join me in trying to bridge this gap?

Last month I had the opportunity to do Sec Casts panel with these fine folks (all of which you should follow) on topics around devops and security:


If you don’t want to hear us go on for about an hour, you can read the write-up here. I mention this panel specifically because I think the topics brought up in it are directly impactful to the goal of bridging security and devops.  Maybe it will give you some ideas on how to bridge the gap in your own organization.

Happy New Year and lets make this the year that Security is finally brought into the DevOps fold.

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