Quick Blogging Tip

All yesterday I was being annoyed by the need to write up my blog posts in another editor and paste them over into WordPress.  You have to do that because composing text longer than about 3 sentences in a browser window is taking your life in your hands.  But I discovered even in cutting and pasting from Wordpad you get formatting inserted that drives the TinyMCE editor crazy.  And Notepad was giving me line break problems.  (And it needs not be said that you should never ever paste from Word…)

But Robert cued me in to PureText, which is a little Windows addon that strips all formatting from text when you cut/paste it.  By default you Windows+V instead of Control+V and voila, no crap.  Yay!


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4 responses to “Quick Blogging Tip

  1. Josh

    Or maybe I could just tell you that WordPress has this cool auto-save feature where every minute or so it’s saving whatever text you’re blogging and you can go back and resume it at any time if something happens. Gotta love the wordpress!

  2. Ernest

    I know that, but the editor is a little buggy, and I’ve still lost stuff.
    Now get the blog stats working!

  3. Blog stats work, but you need a WordPress account to view them. If you have one, let me know and I can provide you with access to our stats.

  4. Omar

    there is also a cool firefox add-on for posting to blogs called scribefire, check it out http://www.scribefire.com/

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