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An interesting point and great discussion on “what is DevOps”, including a critique about it not including other traditional Infrastructure roles well, on Rational Survivability (heh, we’re using the same blog theme.  I feel like a girl in the same dress as another at a party.).  It seems to me that some of the complaints about DevOps – only a little here, but a lot more from Andi Mann, Ubergeek – seem to think DevOps is some kind of developer power play to take over operations.  At least from my point of view (an ops guy driving a devops implementation in a large organization) that is absolutely not the case.  Seems to me to be a case of over-touchiness based on the explicit and implicit critique of existing Infrastructure processes that DevOps represents.  Which is natural; agile development had/has the exact same challenge.

Note that DevOps is starting to get more press; here’s a cnet article talking about DevOps and the cloud (two great tastes that taste great together…).

And here’s a bonus slideshare presentation on “From Agile Development to Agile Operations” that is really good.


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2 responses to “Good DevOps Discussions

  1. The debate over DevOps and the implication that it is some kind of power struggle just highlights that this is about cultural change rather than just technology or process. I did a presentation about DevOps for DevOpsDownUnder and my conclusion was that you couldn’t fix any issues without addressing cultural issues.

  2. Absolutely. Building collaboration when “but we hate those guys” is always a challenge. Heh, I like your presentation, at least what I can make out. I wish slideshares all had recorded audio tracks or something.

    We’ve been having success doing it here, with splitting off a small team and putting devs and ops on it, but the road to integrating it back into the larger, established “rest of the shop” is a tough one. Heck, the head Oracle DBA has hated me with blazing intensity for like seven years, no amount of Powerpoints is going to fix that.

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