Austin Cloud Computing Users Group!

The first meeting of the Austin Cloud Computing Users Group just happened this Tuesday, and it was a good time!  This new effort is kindly hosted by Pervasive Software [map].  We had folks from all over attend – Pervasive (of course), NI (4 of us went), Dell, ServiceMesh, BazaarVoice, Redmonk, and Zenoss just to name a few.  There are a lot of heavy hitters here in Austin because our town is so lovely!

We basically just introduced ourselves (there were like 50 people there so that took a while) and talked about organization and what we wanted to do.

The next meeting is planned already; it will be at Pervasive from 6:00 to 8:00 PM on Tuesday, August 24.  Michael Coté of Redmonk will be speaking on cloud computing trends.  Meeting format will be a presentation followed by lightning talks and self-forming unconference sessions.  Companies will be buying food and drink for the group in return for a 5 minute “pimp yourself” slot.  Mmm, free dinner.

There is a Google group/mailing list you can join –  There’s already some good discussion underway, so join in, and come to the next meeting!

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