DevOps State of the Union

I hope anyone reading this blog is following the great series of essays on Agile Web Operations about DevOps from all the luminaries in the field.

Spliffs and Submarines: The Two Cultures and the State of Devops by John Arundel talks about the collaborative heart of DevOps and how to bridge the different cultures of the dev and ops worlds.

Is DevOps Being Hijacked by Technologists? by Lindsay Holmwood also says it’s about communication and collaboration, and wonders if it’s not getting turned into tool showcase hour.

DevOps: State of the Nation by Chris Read talks about the history of DevOps and reiterates what the other posts are saying – here’s a great quote:

DevOps is at best vaguely-defined and at worst simply a sales placeholder for pitching operations-related products and services. The reason for this is that DevOps is primarily a cultural and organizational shift, rather than a set of practices, tools or techniques.

My working definition is: DevOps is the integration of Agile principles with Operations practices.

What DevOps Is Not by R.I. Pienaar goes after some of the myths, like “it’s what we’ve always done” and “it means getting rid of sysadmins right?”
And there’s more coming!
The thing I think is the most striking about all the essays is how similar they are.  All the main guys are looking at the problem and saying “You know… It’s culture.  It’s about collaboration and communication.  Effectively it’s bringing Ops into the agile team. Automation tools are nice but let’s not get distracted by them.”

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