Inside Microsoft Azure

Recently, I delivered a presentation at the Austin Cloud User Group introducing them to Microsoft Azure.  I’m a UNIX bigot and have been doing the Amazon Cloud and open source thing, but we are delivering a product via Azure next so our team is learning it.  It’s actually quite interesting and has a number of good points; it’s mainly hindered by the Microsoft marketing message trying to pretend it’s all magical fairy dust instead of clearly explaining what it is and what it can do. So if you want to hear what Azure is in straight shooting UNIX admin speak, check it out!

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  1. Nice summary.

    Correction on slide 19: Azure Queues, readers won’t get the same message. As it is hidden from the queue once a message has been read. This will then stay hidden for a configured time. And you can delete the message once it’s been processed. There is a chance of duplicate processing. But that’s life with queues.

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