A Brief Hiatus

Sorry all, it’s been a crazy busy month around here.  But the Agile Admin is back, and we’ll be talking about the latest fun stuff in DevOps, cloud, and cloud security on a regular basis!

Some fun developments:

  • We delivered another NI SaaS product, the 1.0 version of the FPGA Compile Cloud
  • We’re working hard on another, the Technical Data Cloud
  • NI just hired Lars Ewe, former CTO of Cenzic, as a security guru, and he sits over here with our group.
  • Agile Austin has started a DevOps SIG
  • Work towards open sourcing PIE, our Programmable Infrastructure Environment, proceeds apace!

So we’ve been busy, but I know we need to take more time to discuss and engage with everyone else out there, so it’s back to posting!  Hope to see you all in the comments.


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2 responses to “A Brief Hiatus

  1. dave stauffer

    Any idea yet when you might make PIE public?

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