A DevOps Thanksgiving

This last week at the Agile Austin DevOps SIG, our topic was simple – “A DevOps Thanksgiving.” We all shared what we’re thankful for from the DevOps world this year – things that have made our lives better.

It was a nice and refreshing discussion!  People mentioned the things making their lives better. Group members expressed their thanks for such diverse things as DevOps Weekly, rspec-puppet, The Phoenix Project, Vagrant, Docker, test-kitchen with serverspec and bats, provisioned IOPS in AWS, DevOps Cafe, The Ship Show, increasing crossplatform support in DevOps tools and thinking, DevOps tracks springing up at conferences like Agile 2013 and AppSec, DevOpsDays… Thanks to all the people who put in lots of their hard work to make them all possible!

In retrospect we have a lot to be thankful for.  Even though the techno-hipsters don’t even want to say the word “DevOps” any more, it’s a very real change bringing better things to our tools, products, and even lives. I know I’ve seen a lot of change in the teams I’ve worked with that have implemented it – fewer “all hands overnight releases,” less psychotic oncall, less inter-group hatefulness – DevOps has brought us all a lot of good things, and it’s just starting to take hold out there in the industry.

How about you?  What DevOps thing were you thankful for this year?  Add into the comments here, blog it up yourself, tweet it (I suggest #devopsthanksgiving as the hashtag)…  Spread the thanks!

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