Amazon Cuts Prices Too

Well, if nothing else I’m happy to have Google Cloud around to provide some competition to push Amazon Web Services.  Immediately after Google announced dramatic price drops, Amazon has responded doing the same!

Now if they can only also shame them into dropping their whole crazy reserve instance scheme and go to progressive discounts like Google just did too, the world will be better.


by | March 27, 2014 · 7:10 am

5 responses to “Amazon Cuts Prices Too

  1. Little, Christopher

    Ernest, Anyway you could add a tweet button to this to make them easier to tweet out?


  2. stuclark2000

    As a consumer of AWS, and someone that just wants to Get-R-Done, I’ve wasted many hours of my time, the teams time, and the CFO’s time analyzing, justifying and executing an RI strategy that looks more like it was created by some government bureaucracy than Amazon.

    • Amen brother. At my last gig we had a team to do Netflix style cloud tooling, but so much of their effort was spent in making tooling just to handle cost, cost prediction, reserve instance tracking… That’s valuable work being spent on handling their arcane model instead of real value add to our services. This “Amazon tax” in terms of engineer effort and manager confusion has to go; it degrades part of the core value prop of cloud (flexibility).

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