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Evolution of Bazaarvoice’s Architecture to 500M Unique Users Per Month

Check out this article by @victortrac on High Scalability on how we have scaled our infrastructure at Bazaarvoice to be serving out a billion product reviews a day!

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by | December 2, 2013 · 3:07 pm

Crosspost: How Bazaarvoice Weathered The AWS Storm

For regular agile admin readers, I wanted to point out the post I did on the Bazaarvoice engineering blog, How Bazaarvoice Weathered The AWS Storm, on how we have designed for resiliency to the point where we had zero end user facing downtime during last year’s AWS meltdown and Leapocalypse. It’s a bit late, I wrote it like in July and then the BV engineering blog kinda fell dormant (guy who ran it left, etc.) and we’re just getting it reinvigorated.  Anyway, go read the article and also watch that blog for more good stuff to come!

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