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Dev vs Ops vs Sec vs Mgmt

I was just reading this interesting InfoWorld post on The Most Common Turf Wars in IT – very relevant to what we talk about around here. It’s mainly about stakeholders not properly integrated into the product/project/release planning process. Their most common turf wars are so true:

“Ops vs. Dev” – A cry for DevOps. One of the reasons we have this blog.

“Admin on Admin” – And a good bit of the challenge with that is that admins themselves are a bit grumpy by nature and need them a little “OpsOps.” Being chronically marginalized and given a vision of “contain costs!” is to blame, but it means we sysadmins have a little more personal-skills work to do in order to go from BOFH to team collaborator.

“Security vs Everyone” – Bringing security to the DevOps table can be challenging; if there’s one group more elitist and cynical than sysadmins, it’s security professionals. The job obviously requires a little bit of that mindset. But there’s some movement in the security community to understand the need for collaboration in a DevOps style.

“Management vs. Staff” – Well, that’s more of a question for the ages.

There are others, but these are definitely the “big four” in my experience.  What do y’all think?

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