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How We Do Cloud and DevOps: The Motion Picture

Our good friend Damon Edwards from dev2ops came by our Austin office and recorded a video of Peco and I explaining how we do what we do! Peco never blogs, so this is a rare opportunity to hear him talk about these topics, and he’s full of great sound bytes. 🙂

I apologize in advance for how much I say “right.”

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DevOps Cafe Podcast

Damon Edwards and John Willis run the DevOps Cafe Podcast.  It’s a great listen, and they have a lot of people on talking about exciting advances in the ops world (including Allspaw, John Kim, kaChing, Shopzilla).  And for this last one, they interviewed me! Apparently we’re on the cutting edge of doing DevOps in a traditional type organization as opposed to a lil’ Web startup.

So if you want to hear me natter on about DevOps and the lessons I’ve learned over my career that have brought me to it for 40 minutes or so, here you go.

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