How to hire an Agile Admin

The Kitchen Soap blog has some great interview questions for hiring a WebOps position. Check it out, it is worth the read.

In my experience with hiring, a real simple one is to ask (while holding their resume), “Can you tell me about yourself?” Sure, I can read what it says, but letting them verbalize usually is a good indicator. In one of the last sets of interviews I did I asked a candidate this question and I got a gruff response, “It is all right there, what do you need to know?” Good communication skills? No, see you later.

One other question I like is, “What are two character flaws you have?” Usually someone prepares for one in advance with something like, “I am an over-committed worker…” or other statement that is meant to actually show a positive side about them. Asking for two lets you watch for quick thinking and (again) communication skills. In our industry technical is a must, but people can be trained. If you are bad at communicating or just a jerk, then no amount of training can help.

Anyone else have some good interview Q’s?


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2 responses to “How to hire an Agile Admin

  1. Jack of All IT

    Hiring for Agile Ops (AgileAdmin) requires more considerations that just a “WebOps” admin.

    AgileAdmins need to be able to relate & communicate very well (not just good, but great) with clients & developers. This means that you need “the best of the best”, you need to be willing & able to pay for that ‘talent’ & retain such people to get the advantages of AgileAdmins.

    Not easy, but well worth it.

  2. Communication is key and you have it right on the head. When interviewing, I also try to ask myself, would I be this person’s friend outside of the work context? Are they likeable?

    Because the person that is going to fit into the agile admin role is going to be thrown to the business, systems and development folks to work out a solution, they better be likeable. If not, chance of success goes way down. Thanks for you comment Jack, you are definitely right about paying for talent as well.

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