Hello from Velocity!

Peco and I made it safely to Velocity 2010 in Santa Clara, CA!  We had a little bit of plane delay coming in from Austin, but I made good use of it – read George Reese’s excellent book Cloud Application Architectures and listened to the also-excellent first DevOps Cafe podcast by John Willis and Damon Edwards!

When we got in, we went to meet my old friend Mike for some tasty Malaysian food at the Banana Leaf restaurant; Mike and I worked at Fedex together and he went through Sun and LinkedIn and is now going indie as an iPhone developer.

We’re staying at the Hyatt where the conference is being held, which is pretty swank; somehow we got access to some executive club thing with free food and drinks at all hours.

Registration went fast, despite Peco being heavily distracted by World Cup games (silly Bulgarians!) and now we’re ensconced in our first workshops.  Next, I’ll give you a detailed breakdown of the first one, Scalable Internet Architectures by Theo Schlossnagle, CEO of OmniTI.  Peco went to a session on “Riak,” which we’d never heard of – I admonished him to write it up too!

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