DevOps State of the Union Part 2

I gave my thoughts on the first bunch of the essays in the great State of DevOps series on Agile Web Operations. And more are coming, so here’s my roundup!

DevOps: Cleans and Shines Without Harsh Scratching by Julian “The Build Doctor” Simpson is a little bit of history, a little bit of prediction, and a little bit of dirty-sounding British phrases like “Discovering jam at the bunfight.”

DevOps: These Soft Parts by John Allspaw reminds us that the core “soft” skills of communication and collaboration lie at the heart of DevOps practice.

The State of DevOps by James Turnbull talks about a number of things that resonate specifically with me.  The three principles that the mainframe guys taught him.  The fact that sure, the core “super ops” people are already doing this but the vast masses aren’t. And that devs and ops both have a lot to learn from one another.

The Implications of Infrastructure as Code is the really meaty one, by Stephen Nelson-Smith. This is one of the best of the batch, it’s full of highly specific best practices derived from combining development with operations using Extreme Programming.  Take your time and read this – if you are working on implementing DevOps in your shop, this one’s the essay that you need to be taking notes from to build into your own processes.  Bang up job!

Props to Matthias Marschall for putting this series together; it’s really great to hear the different takes on this emerging area!  There’s two more coming, so I’ll be staying tuned.  If you haven’t been following these, please go read them all!


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