SXSW Interactive Is Here!

SXSW Interactive is going on in Austin tomorrow through next Tuesday, and loads of great cloud and DevOps folks will be in town for it. Looking forward to talking with @cote, @lennysan, @botchgalupe, @davenielsen, @ehuddleston, and many more.

Here’s what I think the best cloud/devops/high tech related tickets are, let me know what I’m missing! A lot of the off premise events don’t even require badges and are mostly free.

Random Off Premise SXSW Interactive Stuff

Other events – not job related but make me happy:


Sessions are less important than the other stuff so they’re on here second!  No time for links, search on ’em.

What’s the good stuff I haven’t mentioned?  DevOps, Cloud, noSQL, and other cool stuff report below!

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