Velocity 2011 Kickoff!

Two of the agile admins, Ernest and Peco, are in Santa Clara this week for our fourth Velocity conference! We’ve been to all of them and always get a lot out of them.  It’s the first conference focused on Web performance and operations. Today is the day of workshops, then Wed-Thurs is normal sessions.  On Fri-Sat we’re going to DevOpsDays 2011 Mountain View. The third agile admin, James, is in Penang hanging out with our follow-the-sun WebOps staff!

If any of you are out in sunny CA for these events (or heck, if you’re in Penang and bored), ping us, we’d love to meet you! Tweet me at @ernestmueller for the hookup.

Now to our first workshops – I’m watching Adrian Cockroft talk about Netflix’s use of the Amazon cloud and Peco is going to see the Openstack workshop!

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