Cloud Security Is No Oxymoron

Fellow Agile Admin, James Wickett, just wrote an article for Control Engineering about cloud security. Cloud security is kinda funny, it’s the biggest FUD attractor and “concern” of folks who don’t really know how their on premise security works either.  Anyway, read the article! We’re putting some real security work into our cloud products at NI; can’t speak for others but…

In related news, the excellent Cloud Security Alliance is starting an Austin chapter! Go check it out. The CSA got a start by being an organization that actually issues effective guidance on cloud security instead of being another vendor-haven or FUD collector.

Also see my older LASCON 2010 presentation on “Why The Cloud Is More Secure Than Your Existing Systems” (now a year later, the trade rags are stealing that headline for their own spam…  Woot!)

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