Velocity 2013 Day 1 liveblog: Avoiding web performance regression

Avoiding web performance regression

By Marcel Duran (@marcelduran)

Works on the #web-core team at twitter.
Check out #flight

Problem: After a new release, apps get slower sometimes…

Monitoring is a reactive solution to solve performance issues.

Tools used: http archive (har) for yslow, yslow, cuzillion, fiddler, showslow

Har’s can be generated by- fiddler, phantomjs, yslow,
Install yslow locally (needs nodejs)

Ci and cd at yahoo
Crazy amounts of tests but no performance tests…

Phantomjs is a simple repeatable way to test web page performance times amongst other things.

Make performance tests a part of your ci process….

Next up: instead of just having perf tests in your ci process, graduate to a new level by measuring custom metrics on each performance run…

Peregrine is a tool used in twitter based on webpagetest
Peregrine takes code and deploys to performance boxes and integrates with webpagetest to run perf tests.

Peregrin will likely be open sourced soon..

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