Welcome to Velocity 2013!

All the agile admins – James (@wickett), Peco (@bproverb), and Ernest (@ernestmueller) are reunited at the Web performance and operations conference Velocity again this year!  And with us we have newer cool guys, dev extraordinaire Karthik (@iteration1) from Mentor Graphics and operations muscleman Bryan (@bryguy1211) from Bazaarvoice, and some of our old NI colleagues, Eric and Matt.  Then some of us are staying over for DevOpsDays Mountain View.

So buckle in and experience one of the handiest Web/DevOps conferences by proxy! We’re encouraging everyone to liveblog along here on the agile admin.  I always take notes but always run out of time to prettify and post them after so I’m trying liveblogging in hopes of staying caught up. Comment if you are getting value out of it to encourage us to keep it up!

I hear the Velocity marketing stuff is using one of my quotes from the blog, which is cool; it credits the old defunct webadminblog.com, but we’ve moved here now!

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