The Agile Admin at SXSW, we need your help

Right in the Agile Admin’s hometown (Austin, TX) is one of the coolest conferences out there–it is a special place where hipsters and venture capitalists and programmers and designers and gamers unite.  The Agile Admin team is always at SXSW usually in search of new tech and ideas and more often in search of free drinks. This year is gonna be different. This year, James submitted a talk on Rugged Driven Dev and if the talk gets enough votes, the Agile Admin will be represented in the SXSW Interactive lineup.

We need your vote to make it happen. We would love to help the aforementioned hipsters find out about all the cool stuff going on in the Rugged and DevOps communities and bring them into the fold.

Would you vote for the talk?  It only takes a few seconds to create an account and vote.  You can cast your vote here >


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2 responses to “The Agile Admin at SXSW, we need your help

  1. Little, Christopher

    James, Do you have a tweet going on this / hashtag? I would be happy to retweet it regularly from @BMC_DevOps

  2. Hi Chris, I scheduled some daily tweets to go out from my twitter account, @wickett. Thanks for the RT help! When is the next time we are going to hang out? You going to Velocity London?

    Also if you or any of the Agile Admin faithful could share this on FB, that is helpful too as I have no presence there. Hope all is well.

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