RSAC gets down with the Rugged DevOps!

This year at RSAC—you know RSA, its the really big InfoSec conference that isn’t BlackHat/DefCon—there was a mini-conference on Rugged DevOps. For the last few years they have been featuring this mini-conference as a way to bring DevOps into the InfoSec community.

I did a writeup of the event over on Medium and I hope you find it interesting. One of my favorite parts of the event is summed up from that article:

To give you a feel for how well it went, I think it is easily summed up with what happened at the closing. To a mostly full room of about 500 people the question was asked, “How many of you have been here all day?” Over 80% of the hands went up. For being a conference within a conference that number is surprising, for doing that with the InfoSec crowd, it is proof that the industry culture is truly shifting.

Security is ready to join the DevOps tribe.  It’s our duty as stewards of DevOps to do this right.

In the article on Medium I link to all the talks and speakers at the event. Check out the presos on SlideShare, follow the speakers on Twitter and most importantly be part of the joining of the tribes.

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