Hello from Strata!

Two of the Agile Admins, Peco and Ernest, are at the new Strata conference in San Jose this week. It’s about “Data Science” and “Big Data” – the confluence of the NoSQL movement, cloud computing, and the Petabyte Age.  We now have the ability to gather more data than ever before, and even process it effectively, and this will be transformative to business and society.

We’ll be bringing you interesting things we find out from the conference, inasmuch as the shaky wireless allows.

Yesterday, we attended a variety of tutorials, and I’m sitting in the keynotes right now on the first day of the “main” conference.  You can follow along with the keynotes at strataconf.com/live and most presenters are getting their slides and materials up on the site as well. It’s been good so far, stand by for more!

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