AppSec USA 2012 Is Here (in Austin)!

AppSec USA 2012, the big OWASP security convention, is here in Austin this year!  And the agile admin’s own @wickett is coordinating it.

“Why do I care if I’m not a security wonk,” you ask? Well, guess what, the security world is waking up and smelling the coffee – this isn’t like security conventions were even just a couple years ago.  There’s a Cloud track and a Rugged DevOps track.

We have like 20 people going from Bazaarvoice. It’s two days, Thursday and Friday (yes, tomorrow – I don’t know why James didn’t post this earlier, sorry) and just $500. So it’s cheap and low impact.

And who’s speaking?  Well, how about Douglas Crockford, inventor of JSON?  And Gene Kim, author of Visible Ops?  That’s not the usual infosec crowd, is it?  Also Michael Howard from Microsoft, Josh Corman from Akamai, a trio of Twitter engineers, Nick Galbreath (formerly of Etsy), Jason Chan from Netflix, Brendan Eich from Mozilla… This is a star-studded techie event that you want to be at!

I’ll be there and will report in…

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  1. This was very pimp by the way. Besides Gene Kim, who’s always cool, the presentations from Netflix and Twitter were great.

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